As part of our mission to further education, the TransformED Foundation is pleased to offer The Shirley Mae Quarles Whorley Scholarship.  The application deadline for the current scholarship cycle is March 21, 2013.  The application and award criteria can be found by downloading the PDF file below. Once completed, use the form below to upload your application and the related documents for consideration.

The Shirley Mae Quarles Whorley Scholarship for high school seniors is granted to a high school senior majoring in science at a 2-year or 4-year accredited institution of higher learning.

Click here to apply.

Feeding Children’s Bodies is Good for Their Minds

The Centers for Disease Control note that sound nutrition is essential for not only children’s physical health and development, but also for their cognitive development and academic success.  While an appropriate and nutritionally complete diet and regular exercise play a vital role in the prevention of chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes, numerous studies show that kids who eat better do better in school!

Research shows that kids with poor diets score lower on tests, exhibit disruptive behaviors, experience more illness, and are at greater risk for obesity, eating disorders, and long-term health problems than their properly nourished peers.  What often falls by the wayside when we consider childhood nutrition are the other long-term risks presented by poor school performance: decreased ability to obtain a high-paying job, risk of living in poverty, increased risk for criminal conduct, the perpetuation of the cycle of poverty, and a host of other social consequences that arise secondary to poor childhood nutrition.

So what are we doing about it?  We’re feeding them!  The initiation of a breakfast program that provides a healthy breakfast for each student in a low-income charter school and backpacks filled with non=perishable food items for these students to take home on the weekends and during the summer ensures that we’re making a start on improving nutrition for children and working toward establishing lifelong habits of healthy eating and improved academic outcomes.

If you’re willing to help us feed underprivileged children, please visit our donate page now and make a note that your contribution is for the Breakfast & Backpack Program!

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